Life is too short to wear boring undies. Period.

On a mission to change the way women think and feel about their periods, hello serena and Chité joined forces to create the Period Kit. Chité is an italian brand of handcrafted lingerie, whose motto is “Life is too short to wear boring undies”. And yes, this also includes your period underwear! What if we told you that they are also leakage proof? No leaks, no worries!

Period Kit +
It contains a cotton pouch, a box of 16 organic tampons without applicator, and a pair of Chité's iconic underwear with a protective gusset with absorbent purpose. The undies are available in 3 colors (pink, green, and black), and each has a different embroidery on the back. We have also created a Period Tracker for you, download here.
Sizes +
Organic tampons available in size regular (for normal flow) or super (for abondant flow). Undies available from size 1 to 5.
Composition +
Tampons in 100% organic cotton certified GOTS. Undies in 95% cotton, 5% spantex. 100% made in Italy and embroidered by hand.
Wash & Care +
In case of stain we recommend a pre-wash your undies by hand in hot water.